Our concept is ....

Expanding the borders of business

We help your global projects move forward to pave the way for new businesses together.

Today global projects are not just in the realm of IT. They are happening in a range of fields, from manufacturing to service. Furthermore, in large-scale events such as the Olympics and the World Cup, project management (PM) is becoming more and more important, and such demands will surely continue to increase.

However, the fact is that there are very few companies that actively “nurture” these kinds of projects. Often employees are selected for their experience and job titles, and the prevailing attitude is to “just give it a shot”. When managing projects in this manner, the all-important success of the business depends on the ability of just a few project managers.

At PM Global, our team of experienced personnel can communicate fully with a diverse group of project team members in order to vigorously promote your vital global projects and lead to a world of new businesses.

Everything we do is for the success of your project.