Message from CEO

What kind of personnel can drive a global project?

Today, many companies in Japan are making great efforts to train global employees. Beginning with intensive training in English, there are also many programs involving lectures by experts familiar with regional history, culture and business practices, as well as hands-on training abroad.

All of these are important, and each kind of training has its significance. However, no matter how much skill or experience a person has, that person cannot truly become capable of carrying out global business without a change in mindset.

At PM Global, for over ten years since our founding, we have been granted the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of projects from a wide array of regions and industries. The conclusion we derived from this experience is that people are diverse, and there are many types of thinking and approaches toward judgment.

In other words, we believe that everyone has different values and behavioral patterns, and that this should be obvious; and if we do not focus on how to bridge those gaps, cooperation on global projects will be impossible. Some will stubbornly point to success stories and insist that things be done that way, but such an approach is in itself old-fashioned.

From here onward, we must acknowledge our differences while searching for the optimum methods as we push forward with projects.

At PM Global, we are confident that our experienced project managers can help your future projects.

Please give us a try for your project.。

Tomoyuki Kogure
President and CEO
PM Global Co., Ltd.