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PM Global has a local subsidiary in India with an Indian manager. This means we can stay attuned to needs from Japan and provide support for your business from both the local region and our Japanese office. Whether you have interest in expanding into India but first need to do local field surveys, or if you feel you need to communicate better with your Indian branch office, come and consult with us first.

Case Study 1: Project Management Support

The Situation
A Japanese multifunction printer manufacturer set up a software development center in India. It launched a software development project, but even with previous projects deliveries were constantly late, so processes needed to be revised.

Our Support
We joined the project as a Bridge PM. When the project was launched we conducted a “Lesson Learned” workshop using the previous projects, and identified the gaps and challenges in the tasks. We then assisted with creation and deployment of a “to be” process. Improvement ideas were incorporated into the project plan and shared between India and Japan, resulting in completion of the project within the QCD plan.

Case Study 2: Supplier Product Quality Improvement

The Situation
A Japanese automotive parts company opened a production plant in India. It was operated with several Japanese employees and a local Indian workforce of about 100, and it delivered parts to Japanese automobile factories. Unfortunately, the local workforce could not grasp the level of quality and delivery time demands of the Japanese companies to which the parts were delivered, even after repeated explanations. Customer requests could not be met and defective part rates remained stubbornly high.

Our Support
We began by interviewing Japanese and local employees to analyze what differences in awareness and understanding existed. We then devised and deployed a customized training program. By conducting workshops with Japanese employees and local workers and introducing case studies from Japanese firms, we achieved a greater understanding of the quality and timeliness that Japanese customers demand. Three months later the numbers of defective parts had fallen by 30% from initial figures.

Case Study 3: Local Staff Training

The Situation
A Japanese electronics manufacturer set up an Indian subsidiary. More than ten projects were regularly being run by the local project manager in India. However, this manager lacked project management skills, and in many instances could not assess the project’s progress, issues, and risks. Furthermore, there were instances of discrepancies from the Japanese side’s demands and delivery delays.

Our Support
A training program was conducted with PM Global’s Japanese consultants and local manager.

Period: Once monthly for three years
Targets: Local project manager and project manager candidate
Matters covered:

  • Fundamentals of project management based on PMBOK
  • Introduction of management templates
  • Mindset of a project manager and of a professional
  • Comprehensive Ho-Ren-So (reporting, contacting, consultation)
  • Kaizen (PDCA) workshop using a sample project

This training program resulted in positive feedback:
“We had more active communication with the Indian project manager and achieved a better understanding of the circumstances. As a result, the Japanese side also became able to respond more appropriately to risks and issues.”
“We were able to share a customer-oriented mindset, and the approach toward product quality improved on the Indian side.”

India News

We provide a website and monthly magazine for paying members that offers the up-to-the-minute information you need for doing business in India. These publications have earned an excellent reputation for speed and accuracy in covering all trends, including macroeconomics, economic policy, industry, Japanese companies in the region, local companies, politics and society. We highly recommend them to companies already operating in India, companies considering expansion into India, and companies thinking about investing in India.
(Please note that news is only available in Japanese.)

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