Associate Manager
Job Description
This position requires implementing and driving IT project management as a task leader alongside clients and team members. The associate manager will conduct projects within the timeline and budget and with required quality. The associate manager must communicate openly with clients and team members. She/he is expected to locate issues and draw up and implement scenarios to solve problems with the Manager. The candidate must also possess the physical stamina and motivation to take part in international telephone conferences with time lags.
Key Responsibilities
•Achieve clients' business goals by implementing and driving projects and programs
•Analyze and define tasks by establishing business relationships with clients
•Evaluate project status and take necessary action with the Manager
Job Requirements
•Fluent in English and Japanese (English: TOEIC score 750 or more/ Japanese: Native)
•2+ years work experience in a global business environment
•Good communication skills, facilitation skills and ability to work well with others
•Some knowledge of IT (advanced knowledge not required) and interest in IT business
Head office(Kamiyacho), client office
※Mainly, our clients are located in Tokyo or Kanagawa. But business trip(domestic/abroad) might be required depend on project.
Working Time/Holiday
09:00~18:00 ※Depend on clients.
Five-Day Workweek
New Year Holidays/Summer Holiays
Paid Holidays
Depends on experience and skill
How to Apply
Email your resume and cover letter to the address below. We will respond within few days.
If any question, please also contact to below or call 03-5777-1780.