Project Support
Our consultants are specialists in project management and will work as a member of your team to keep your project moving forward. The criteria for success in a project go beyond management methods. We will keep team members constantly aware of goals, while providing mental backup to overcome challenges, taking a proactive lead so that team members can work together to tackle the project.
PM Global has guided numerous global projects to success. Based on this expertise, we provide training in global human resources and project management. For both non-Japanese and Japanese workers, new hires and mid-level employees, we provide programs designed to fit your needs.
India Business
As both a partner and an enormous new market for Japanese businesses, India is attracting more and more attention. PM Global has a subsidiary in India and offers support for business in this region with both our Indian manager and Japanese consultants. In addition, we provide vital information for business in India through our website and monthly magazine for paying members. These have earned an excellent reputation for their clarity and up-to-the-minute coverage of trends in macroeconomics, economic policy, industry, Japanese companies in the region, local companies, politics and society.