Our Concept

The PM Global Concept

PM Global is a team of global project management specialists. We support you with our three key capabilities, helping you realize your goals for innovation in your projects.



We have the capability to consider the changes brought about by ICT from not just an engineering perspective, but from multiple business perspectives. We also work closely with development partners and specialist ICT engineers.


Beyond our language capabilities, we can conduct business discussions in English, giving us the capability to lead projects to success even in different cultural environments.

Project Management

We are not merely project managers focused on theory; we are problem-solving professionals with a thoroughly site-based approach, prioritizing agile, face-to-face communication.

The PM Global Approach


Our consultants with real-world experience in global project management always adhere to the following five principles.
We will solve your problems from a neutral perspective as a company independent from all vendors and system integrators.

One Team
We integrate with your project team members and development partners.

We handle all tasks with resourcefulness, from general tasks to facilitation and all requirements in between.

CIO/Senior Management View
We handle projects from individual to overall optimization, considering consistency with concurrent projects.

Fundamental Issue Solving
We go beyond the surface to encourage deep-rooted problem solving to keep projects fundamentally moving.

Ultimate Communication Strategy
We encourage prompt information sharing across languages and cultures to increase motivation.