Global Solutions Achieved with You

We are a team of PM professionals committed to global project management.
Together we can realize your goals for innovation in your projects.

PM Global Advantages

PM Global is the first company in Japan to specialize in global projects. Our bilingual and bicultural staff have extensive project management experience and will work closely with stakeholders inside and outside Japan as a bridge between Japan and the rest of the world to keep your project moving.


Establishing greater global collaboration


Bringing people together for success of the project


PM Global focuses on five values to ensure the advancement of your global project.

Respect others

Be open-minded

Keep on challenging

Be innovative

Be committed to goal

To respect others and listen to their views regardless of race, gender, or title. To give true consideration.

To face others with integrity and make people feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and feelings.

To keep striving with team members without being discouraged, even when challenges arise.

To always consider options based on various perspectives and original ideas.

To maintain our resolve through to the very end.

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