Agile Project Support

We will keep your project moving by employing the agile development methodology that is rapidly gaining traction around the world.

Service Details

Keeping your project moving through various roles as need dictates.

  • Project Execution Support (PM, PMO, Project Owner, Scrum Master)
  • Agile Adoption Support
  • Agile Team Communication Support

We diagnose your project and propose the optimum approach for your purpose, such as integration with waterfall style.

We support communication to ensure maximum performance, even if you are away from the project headquarters.

Service Steps

1. Hearing

We assess the project and level of understanding among the customer and stakeholders regarding agile development. 

2. Strategy-making

Based on the results of the hearing, we propose the best way forward for the customer.

3. Strategy determination

We receive comments and opinions on our proposal and decide the way forward. 

4. Start of work

We support the customer as a team member to enhance team performance.

Case Study

A Manufacturer


In a manufacturer’s development project, the Japanese side managed development using the waterfall method. However, overseas vendors took an agile development approach, leading to a lack of understanding of requirements and resulting in delays. The entire project was at risk of falling behind. On top of this, the parties’ relationship was worsening due to discussions taking different wavelengths.


To take part as a PMO and promote mutual understanding, we assessed the gaps between the parties through hearings from both sides. We made proposals to start development by determining requirements in order of highest priority, recovering the project from its delays. The parties came to understand their differences in approach, leading to smoother progress for the project.