Project Advisory Services

We apply PM Global's knowledge and experience to provide tailor-made and time- appropriate advice for new or ongoing projects. From a professional standpoint, we will objectively assess your project’s status and recommend actions you should take.

Service Details

We offer assessment of ongoing projects and clarify important tasks and challenges.

We formulate strategies for prioritizing action plans and making the right approaches to stakeholders.

We consider ways to maximize the effectiveness of the project while taking appropriate actions regarding future risk.

Service Steps

1. Study the current status

We further understanding of the current project.

2. Assess issues

We discuss the challenges in the project’s current state.

3. Formulate approach

We will consider and formulate solutions.

4. Follow-up

We make sure that the project has improved with our advice.

Case Study

A major electronics manufacturer

The Situation

A manufacturer was implementing a project with its Indian subsidiary that also served as the R&D center. But problems in mutual understanding due to a lack of communication and issues with how the project was being managed hindered the project’s anticipated progress.

Our Response

We participated in the project as an advisor to the project leader.
Upon assessing the communication, we realized that insufficient explanations and vague instructions in emails were the causes of the problems.
We conducted a review of business processes. We also reviewed reports given to senior management and employed clearer means of information sharing.