IoT/AI Project Support

A new management approach is required for IoT and AI projects, which now must consider a greater number of users and stakeholders than ever before. Especially in the manufacturing industry, new concepts and ideas are required due to the differences in development methods from previous approaches to “monozukuri” (making things). PM Global also supports these kinds of projects.

Service Details

Along with standard project management support,

We will ascertain the usual development process for the corresponding services or products and close the gaps to keep the IoT / AI project going.

We will formulate a management approach that addresses these gaps.

We will establish appropriate communications with development vendors and stakeholders.

Service Steps

1. Check the development process

We will understand the differences in development for current projects.

2. Ascertain the gaps

We discuss the challenges in the project’s current state.

3. Formulate approach

We will consider and formulate solutions.

4. Execution

We will manage and improve the project.

Case Study

A major automotive manufacturer


This manufacturer had asked an overseas IoT firm to develop a connected car system. But on top of communication difficulties with overseas vendors, they were experiencing entirely new development methods that did not fit with their traditional approaches, leading to a host of problems.


First, we improved communication by setting up a system for reliable information- sharing among project members.
We then gained comprehension of each side’s reasons for their development methods, searched for appropriate points of compromise on each, and clarified relevant goals.