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Supporting your projects globally

Our company, established with the concept of “supporting customer projects globally,” is celebrating its 15th anniversary. In this time, we have assisted with nearly 100 projects. No two projects are ever the same, but every time we have worked alongside our customers to overcome challenges and achieve results.

The advantage of our services is that our bilingual consultants can communicate closely with a range of stakeholders in Japan and abroad to keep your project moving. We have earned an excellent reputation with a large number of customers for bringing people together across cultures and company positions to create an environment where everyone is focused on the same goal.

As Japan’s first company specializing in global project management, we will keep striving to assist our clients in even more projects.

PM Global, Inc
CEO Tomoyuki Kogure

Our Management Team

Tomoyuki Kogure


Tomoyuki Kogure is a graduate of Sophia University with an MBA from Bond University in Australia. He gained experience in co-financing and investment advisory at the Bank of Tokyo (currently Mitsubishi UFJ Bank). He worked in digital branding at several e- businesses as a member of the launch team for the Japanese office of the US IT consulting firm Scient, then worked with Scient to promote projects for many global companies. He established PM Global in 2005. Since then he has been involved in management and promotion of IT projects at companies in industries including manufacturing, service, IT and finance. He also works in technical support for foreign- affiliated companies and as a Japanese cultural advisor for a US insurance company, and is well-versed in corporate training.

Executive Consultant
Makoto Nakanishi


Makoto Nakanishi joined PM Global after working in software design and control design for Sony and Sumitomo Heavy Industries.
He is well-versed in software design projects such as online application systems, PC applications, and FA system software, as well as quality assurance and quality control. He has also earned praise for his solutions in the field of offshore development management. He experienced an overseas posting (Shanghai) for three years and became skilled at managing local employees.

J.Suryanarayana Murthy


Surya Murthy graduated as a mechanical engineer, then kept programs moving as a senior engineer at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).
He later served as project leader at DSQ Software and took part in various projects at Wipro Technologies Limited and Quantec. He became certified in quality management auditing, and he has been responsible for PM Global India Operations since 2011.


Toshio Tsujishita

After working at Fujitsu, as a venture entrepreneur and in CSK, Mr. Tsujishita served twenty years at Mitsubishi Corporation in the field of information industry.
He has been involved in planning of new businesses and formulation of business and development plans in the IT and media industries, along with forging business partnerships and new customer acquisition.
He is involved in decisive market analysis and target setting in marketing strategy including selection of strategic partners, along with marketing plan selection, major competitor analysis, and product and service development.

Masatsugu Nishiyori

Mr. Nishiyori has served as sales planning director for All Nippon Airways, president of Infini Travel Information, and a Japanese representative of Etihad Airways, among other posts.
At ANA he promoted international strategy and IT. He is an expert on international business and well-versed in finance, sales, marketing, network strategy and distribution.

Yasuhiro Shimura

Mr. Shimura served for nearly 20 years in overseas semiconductor sales and service and overseas semiconductor business strategy and marketing at Toshiba Corporation, and since then has served as a general secretary, president of Toshiba Electronics Taiwan, corporate overseas business promotion director, general sales promotion director, executive managing director, and general manager for business planning. He has been involved in overseas business strategy, sales strategy, and sales network strategy in Toshiba’s wide-ranging business fields. He is well-versed in international business.

Company Profile

Company Name

PM Global, Inc.

Head Office

Citta Yoyogi Park Bldg.6F 1-20-3 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo-to 151-0063 Japan


03-6674-4619 / 03-6673-7695


February 28, 2005

President and Representative Director

Tomoyuki Kogure


14 million yen



Main Bank

Mizuho Bank, Hamamatsu-cho Branch

Major Customers

European automotive manufacturer
Internationally-affiliated high tech company
Japanese automotive manufacturer
Japanese airline
Indian IT consultancy
Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturer
Major general trading company
U.S. medical service company


Our Track Record

  • Wide-ranging IT project management
    • ERP concept / design / development / deployment
    • Logistics package development / deployment
    • Product development / design system deployment
    • Purchasing system deployment
  • IT strategy / formulation
  • IT training / project management training / planning
  • Bridge operations with overseas headquarters
  • Web marketing strategy planning
  • PMI (Post Merger Integration) support
  • Global human resource development / program creation / implementation