Global PMO Service

Our bilingual consultants with extensive global project experience will work as members of your team to keep your project moving.

Service Details

We can take part in your project from various roles. (Project manager, PMO)

We provide comprehensive services including resource management, risk management, issue management, change management, and quality management, with consideration for on-site operations.

We will keep secondary problems from developing by considering deep-rooted solutions, not just superficial or stop-gap solutions.

Service Steps

1. Hearing

Our consultant will interview you regarding the status of the project.

2. Strategy-making

We will extract project issues and propose solutions.

3. Strategy determination

Details of our consultants’ work will be determined through meetings.

4. Start of work

We will carry out the project in close communication with all persons in charge as needs dictate.

Case study

A manufacturer

The situation

A client was in the midst of a global development project with design changes being made simultaneously in Japan, Germany, and the United States. This led to challenges such as change management processes and implementation management methods needing to be specialized for this kind of development system, and the proper coordination of specifications and schedules for each region.


We participated in the project as PMO. We set up a global change management process, established regular communication systems with global teams in each location, and set clear change points to support servicing teams in Japan.